Strategies related to Water-Energy-food Nexus footprint:

  • including build a robust database for Spanish agri-food supply chains; 
  • promote continuous improvement of the environmental performance of agri-food sector throughout their life cycle; 
  • introduce technical, environmental and nutritional criteria under a life cycle approach; 
  • set Green Public Procurement criteria on a reliable basis.

Strategies related to Circular Economy in the Spanish agri-food sector:

  • including address food waste prevention actions linked to the agri-food supply chain; 
  • implement the UN Sustainable Development Goal on agri-food waste at Spanish level; 
  • apply of a common agri-food waste measurement methodology aligned with global standards; 
  • create an agri-food waste stakeholder’s platform with the involvement of different agri-food chain actors; 
  • contribute to facilitate food donation in order to introduce social justice; 
  • consumer education and changing public attitudes towards waste minimisation.

Nutritional and Diet Strategies:

  • contributing to enhancing consumer demands for sustainable food production in Spain; 
  • increasing the environmental and nutritional knowledge of alternative diets and meals from a life cycle approach; 
  • contributing to identify and characterize alternative non-animal-based-protein-sources for human feed; 
  • introducing a new methodology to analyse the cost of healthy eating in Spain.